Exfoliate Everyday


🀭 The importance of exfoliating is not to be taken for granted or misjudged like in the past. Presently, skincare therapist and doctors are advising to do a light exfoliation once a day.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ By lightly exfoliating the dead skin cells once a day you will increase collegen, smooth and brighten the skin. πŸ€— The stimulation wakes up those cells and prepares it for something better.

πŸ€“ Like cleansers, there are two different types of exfoliators; mechanical and chemical. These names pretty much speak for themselves.

☺️ Mechanical exfoliation means that you or someone else will have to manually removal the dead skin cells.

😯 A chemical exfoliation is the removal of cells through a chemical reaction. There are a variety of acid peels with different strengths and are by far the most aggressive of the chemical exfoliators. I recommend starting out with a 30% glycolic treatment and slowly increase the percentage or staying with the 30%.

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