Happy Hump Day

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Drink Yourself Healthy

Day 11 of my 30 day cleanse


The end of the rainbow, Kona, Hawaii

This will be last Drink Yourself Healthy blog, because I am officially not fasting anymore. I have started adding in fruits and vegetables as of yesterday. I feel as if I accomplished what I set out to do. I will admit, today I am not one hundred percent congestion free, but I have realized that it is allergy related. There has been some days where I was completely congestion free, but when I went back into a triggering situation the congestion came back. I do plan on finishing out the 30 days drinking my 2-3 liters of water and only consuming fruits and vegetables; no dairy, alcohol, meet, sugar or preservatives for the next 20 days.

But as promised, I do want to finish the topic of intermittent fasting. Let’s talk about why you should eat on a schedule when intermittent fasting. Your body is prepared at certain times to receive food, and when you eat at various time periods it throws your body off, because it’s not prepared for food hormonally or enzymatically. So let’s say you eat right before you go to bed. Guess what? Now your digestions system has to start breaking down that food by producing digestive juices. Not to mention the fact that it disrupts your hormones like ghrelin, insulin and leptin. The disruption of these hormones will definitely affect your appetite and how you store and use the energy in your body.┬áThe key of thumb: your hormonal cycle should align with your sleep-wake cycle to give your body the energy that it needs to get you through the day.


Here are some typical intermittent fasting schedules

There are many wonderful benefits of intermittent fasting. If aging slower sounds good, then how do you feel about improving your longevity? Or how about the fact that it boosts brain growth, repair and function. Here’s another big one, it improves blood composition, which can also help sustain healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol, insulin levels and you guessed it… blood pressure. Intermittent fasting is also said to regulate hormone levels, decrease oxidative stress, enhance fat burning and mimics the benefits of exercising. These are some serious health benefits!!

Drink Yourself Healthy

Day 10 of my 30 day cleanse


Hot springs and calcium formations in magnificent Bagni San Filippo, Tuscany, Italy

It’s day ten and I celebrate with a beautiful orange, carrot and ginger juice. It’s amazing how much better my taste is. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I started my day off with two 16 ounce bottles of water and for lunch two more. After all of that I reward myself with a juice. It’s so exciting because I can already tell that healthy habits are starting to formulate. I am one of those people who can go all day long with out drinking a drop of water, but that is definitely going to change. I plan on starting my day off with water and ending my day with water.

There’s a lot of people who recommend intermittent cleanses, so I research this topic a little more to find out why. Intermittent fasting is basically a period of time fasting and a period of time eating. This cycle could be a pattern of 12 hours fasting followed by 12 hours of eating, or this cycle can be tailored more to your choosing. When I went to Morocco it was during Ramadan, which is a month long period of fasting that is observed by Muslims worldwide. Fasting is a Muslim requirement that eliminates both water and food from dawn to sunset, but once the night falls they eat, drink and be merry.

So why do intermittent fasting and what are the benefits? Dieting can be very strenuous and stressful. It is said that intermittent fasting is easier to stick with, and it can get you the results that you want. The more important reason may be that intermittent fasting periods combined with early mealtimes encourages a healthier metabolism due to working with instead of against your hormonal rhythms. Energy, fat storage, satiety (feeling full) and appetite all respond to both hormonal and environmental cues like your sleep-wake cycle. Scheduled eating can promote healthy eating habits for weight maintenance, weight gain and weight loss. Tomorrow we will dive deeper into eating on a schedule with intermittent fasting, and find out the benefits.

Drink Yourself Healthy

Day 09 of my 30 day cleanse

20161010_180834 2

Avenue of the Arts, Costa Mesa, California – Orange County

What a great and much needed day!! After beating all of my 4th of July desires it was necessary to have a day of no urges. My husband and I took the two and half hour drive from Kona to home, which was a pleasant way to pass the time. Once we got to Hilo we did some much needed shopping. We went to Macy’s to get cookware for our new apartment in Kona. My husband got the job at the resort in Kona, so we will have the luxury of living on site rent free.

I plan on cooking a lot when my cleanse ends so I want to be prepared. I’m in a good place in my life and I am excited to become more domestic. I cooked for my family, and at the end felt burned out and I really didn’t want to cook all that much. Since then, It has been about 8 years, and I’m ready to get back into the game; fortunately, the timing couldn’t be better. I have slowly started putting on the weight and I feel like it is all catching up with me, which is why I wanted to start with a nice body cleanse. Do you enjoy cooking and if so what is your favorite dish?


Drink Yourself Healthy

Day 07 of my water cleanse

Day eight, the 4th of July, just about broke me. It literally drug on and on. A whole day full of amazing looking and smelling food. This was definitely by far my worst day. I really wanted to eat and because I couldn’t I was a little pisses off all day, although I didn’t let it show. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and sometimes you have to live by those words. I enjoyed the the fireworks show, but I was glad when the day was over.

As each day passes I miss food more and more. I definitely miss vegetables the most. I don’t miss coffee or alcohol. After day ten I plan on adding a little juice to my cleanse. It’s important to me that I don’t lose too much weight, so I think that the addition of juice will help with that.