Drink Yourself Healthy

Day 06 of my 30 day cleanse

Feb. 2018 – Akaka Falls State Park, Honomu, Hi (the Big Island)

Today was such a good day; however, It  did not come without a little temptation. We drove to Kona for the Fourth of July and my husband attended to a little business. We make our way through the busy touristy street and arrive at the resort were he needed to be. The air is filled with the scent of a variety of delicious foods and it  smells so good it makes my stomachache. In a couple hours he should be done with his job and we will meet back up, until then I’m on my own.

I start walking down the main street in need of water. It’s extremely hot and muggy so it is extra important to drink water. Once I get my water I find a gem and crystal shop. This is the perfect opportunity to get my stone that I need for the month of July. I am a religious follower of Numberology and want to learn more about the power of crystals. Chrysoprase, my July stone helps rejuvenate and rebuild the physical body. After reading this I decided to buy a necklace; the more the better. It also seals holes in the aura and works to develop a strong field of protection around us. Hell, I can use all of the protection I can take.

Chrysoprase is a heart stone that activates the heart chakra and keeps us centered in the energy of the heart. It is a stone that gives us courage and strength of heart. Chrysoprase gives us a direct connection to Mother Earth. It also enhances physical beauty and keeps our spirit youthful. Bonus: it is also a prosperity stone. What a beautiful stone and I personally love the positive reinforcement.

Sept. 2018 – Surfing in Englischer Garten Sud, Munich Germany

After getting my powerful necklace, I walked back to the resort where my husband was working; where it’s nice and cool and I can get a water with lemon at the bar. On my way I pass the spa and make a five o’clock appointment for a reiki treatment recommended by my daughter. This healing technique is said to restore physical and emotional well-being. The therapist channels energy into patients by means of touch, to activate the natural healing process of the patients body.

After my treatment was over I felt completely uplifted and I felt like I was on a different plane. I felt as if I had one of the best massages of my life. I strongly advise trying it if you are feeling under the weather. One of the best things about a water cleanse is that it promotes health and wellness. It opens your mind and gives you the down time you need to be able to concentrate on yourself.


Drink Yourself Healthy

Day 06 of my 30 day cleanse

June 2019 – Me and my travel companion, my cousin Rachel, in Mykonos Greece

Day number five and I’m feeling alive. I’m feeling more normal with everyday. The congestion in my lungs is still lingering, but I figure it will take a little longer to clear out. I’m drinking my water like I should and adding small pieces of lemon and strawberry for flavor. I read that it is ok to drink infused, sparkling, lemon, apple cider vinegar, black coffee and tea. 

For the 4th of July, I’m making a big pitcher of fruit infused water. I plan on making it the day before so the water has time to become flavored. I’m not going to squeeze any of the fruit into the water; I’m going to let the fruit naturally flavor it. I figure this will help to make my day a little more exciting and special. If you don’t have plans for the Fourth of July, now is the time to make them.

Drink Yourself Healthy

Day 05 of my 30 day water cleanse

May 2019 – Natural hot springs in Bagni San Filippo, Tuscany

Day four was definitely my best day. The headache and irritability was gone. My chest was pretty clear and I felt on top of my game. I laid around watching television and reading; consequently, I did not sleep very good. These last two days I have not napped. At this particular time, my husband and I are in Hilo and sleeping in our Yurt. We go to sleep pretty early. Yep, I live in a yurt. However, it won’t be long and I will be living in between both Kona and Hilo. Kona has more opportunity for work, then Hilo. I personally like Kona better, which is considered the dry side of the island. Hilo it rains all of the time, but it’s a warm rain so really it’s not all that bad. Honestly, they both have some really great qualities about them.

Anytime I make a big change in my health I draw inspiration from as many sources as I can find. It helps to keep me motivated and gets me excited for new possiblities. I watch lots of documentaries about food and read anything pertaining to health and wellness. Again, if you keep your mind busy it definitely helps with your mental state. It’s not easy to go with out food, or to sit across from someone who is enjoying just what you wish were eating.  However, you drink your water, remain good company for the person you are with and know that a healthy new you will be your reward at the end.

After spending a whole evening of watching documentaries and the Paleo Way (on Netflix), I’m a bit perplexed. I really appreciate the two different philosophies, and one of them I  already somewhat follow. I try to eat a plant base diet; however, I’m still eating processed food, eating food that should be healthy but is really full of hidden sugars and I do eat fish and seafood. I love seafood, the thought of eliminating from my diet makes me sad. At this point, I don’t even want to consider it. The Paleo diet incorporates a lot of fat, fruit and vegetables and animal protein; It removes all dairy, grains and sugar.

The second diet I refer to as The Gerson Diet. My husband and I were absolutely blown away by this way of eating. The Gerson diet is also known as The Gerson Therapy. If you have not heard of The Gerson Therapy I highly recommend that you check it out. I believe that just knowing about it gives you another way of fighting cancer and other diseases. We also watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives, which is also a whole-food, plant-based diet. Dr. Gerson believed that by eliminating meat, dairy and sugar from your diet you can cure your body. The Paleo diet is also supposed to make you healthy; however, no mention of cancer.

May 2019 – Vondelpark, is Amsterdam’s most famous and largest city park and was built in 1850.

Since both diets contain valuable information, I thought that I could combine the two. They both remove dairy, processed foods and sugar; which I can do. Yes it requires a lot of cooking, but my health is worth the sacrifice. I will eat good saturated fats, lots of fruits and vegetables and a smaller amount of protein. So essentially, more fat and less protein. How can you change your diet so you can become healthier after your water cleanse?



Drink Yourself Healthy

Day 04 of my 30 day water cleanse

May 2019, Mykonos Greece, my last stop of my four week international trip.

Day three was just like day one and day two. I still had both my headache and irritability; however, I really never felt all that hungry. Although I did hear my stomach growl once or twice, I had no actual hunger pains. My health does seem to be getting a little better. I have had no sinus problems and I quit taking my allergy medicine. Unfortunately, I still have the same amount of congestion hanging around in my lungs. I am not fearful that it could be anything other than a virus, because I have been to the doctor and I have had a chest X-ray that looked good (healthy tissue).

Drinking high-quality water is recommended while performing a water cleanse. Distilled water is the most preferred, because it is free of contaminants that could amplify having no food in your stomach. A good filtration system can aid in drinkable filtered water, but distillation is proven to remove all harmful chemicals and organisms.

Rearranging your schedule and taking time off of work for the duration of the cleanse is highly encouraged. When I did my seven day cleanse I was a student in college, so I think it kept my mind busy and made it easy to ignore any hunger I may have experienced. With this cleanse I am in between jobs, so it is easy to give my body the time that it needs to rest and replenish itself.

2017 Costa Mesa, Ca. Me and my sleepy grandchild, Brooklyn Rose

Cleanses can last any length of time, one day to a month long. I read that you should start slowly for your fist cleanse one – three days, but of course this is up to you. Some people like myself, like to jump all in. It is my opinion that you will know when you want to stop your cleanse. I do suggest that you listen to your body and let it be your deciding factor.

Today I will leave you with one last thought. Fasting has amazing health benefits and is a wonderful way to reset your system. However, if you indulge, you cannot expect the occasional water cleanse to forgive all of the damage that you impose upon your body. Fasting is a great way to incorporate  a new and healthy lifestyle. It is easy to get off on the wrong track and some times hard to get back on the right one; however, after a water cleanse, it may encourage you to do better for yourself and your body. This is the third reason I am doing this fast. It is time for me to get on the health train and stay on.

Drink Yourself Healthy

Day 03 of my 30 day water cleanse

2017, New Orleans, Louisiana – Bayou Swamp Tour

Yesterday was my second day of the cleanse. It definitely was not as easy as the first day. I actually felt everything a bit more. I still had my headache, I was a little more irritable, a little more tired and I actually had a little indigestion when I first laid down to sleep. Thank goodness that the indigestion didn’t last long, because it was very uncomfortable. Other than that, I felt pretty good and my day went well. Surprisingly, I was not all that hungry.

My husband and I traveled back to Hilo from Kona, which was a nice distraction. While I drove us home, I sipped on my water. It’s so important to keep your mind occupied while doing a cleanse. It’s a great time to read, meditate, catch up on television or movies, do some writing and set realistic goals about why you are doing this cleanse. This brings me to my second reason for doing this water cleanse. If you guessed to lose some extra pounds, well you guessed right. As I stated earlier, Hawaii has not been the greatest for my health. I am not considerably overweight, but I also don’t want things to get any worse.

2019 Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy. Rome has numerous amazing fountains; however, this Baroque masterpeice is the most famous and well known. Featuring statues of abundance and health.

One concern of mine when establishing my own goals, was the fact that I really don’t have 20 pounds to lose; therefore, a 30 day water cleanse may be a bit much. It is predicted that within a 30 day water cleanse you will lose 20 pounds of fat. However, this is my cleanse, I’m the boss of my body and I make up my own rules. I figure as long as my health issue have resolved, I will then break the fast very slowly. I don’t want to lose the fat in my face, and end up looking like something that should be hanging on the door at Halloween. With this thought in mind, I’m already thinking about how I want to slowly break my fast (if need be), but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

All and all I can’t complain. I am not finding the water cleanse to be that much of a challenge. When I did the seven day water cleanse I rememberer thinking that it was not all that bad, and that I would have to do it again… someday. Well that day has come and at this point I am willing to do whatever it takes to feel and look better. So, drink up friends, here’s to our health.